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Xenophon of athens 401 b.c.

Keep track of latest developments in your field, in real time, in Greece, in Europe, and in the world.

Acumen is an innovative intelligence-based service provider for an effective, professional and honest approach to information-based decision-making. Acumen is unique in the Greek market, using specialised software and globally-renowned expertise for public policy monitoring to design and deliver services for businesses and professionals alike. Working in a rapidly changing and uncertain world entails that having the most accurate information at your fingertips can make the difference between failure and success. Whatever the audience, Acumen is trusted to deliver.

Our team consists of talented, versatile and agile experts who deliver accurate, complete, efficient  and intelligent work. Our main goal is to combine critical thinking, creativity, data and technology in order to help businesses and professionals grow and prosper. That is why we utilize every tool we have for an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and business environment in which you operate.

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By using dedicated machine applications and expertise, we follow more than 5.000 sources of information on a daily basis, filtered based on your interests and what is important for your sector.



An average of 8.000-11.000 policy-related documents are published on EU institution websites every month. myIndex collects, identifies, categorizes and uploads all of them with a highly capable context-based search function that enables seamless locating of any desired document.



We cover more than 2.000 hours of video, from Parliamentary Committees, Council formations, Commission events, Plenary sessions, and more, so you don’t have to. Only what is relevant and pertinent will be delivered to you in a tailored fashion and with dedicated meetings.